We're here to connect entrepreneurs, businesses and busy people with awesome assistants to help them grow and thrive!

Nice to meet you

Why us?

We focus on quality of work and service as well as personality and cultural fit. It is essential that you have an assistant with the right skills and also enjoy working with them. We love getting to know you and your business which means we can assist you to our very best.

Our assistants and values

Our experienced assistants come from a variety of careers and backgrounds including personal and executive assistants, administration, marketing, event organisation, sales, customer service and media.

We pride ourselves on excellent communication. All assistants must ace our English and Microsoft Office test to ensure they have the highest standards and capabilities. Unlike larger virtual assistant agencies, we interview all assistants face to face, pay above the average salary and offer pay progression.


We offer a broad range of services to support you in business and life, including but not limited to:

Business Support

  • Administration

  • Inbox management & filtering

  • Diary management & reminders

  • Invoices & expenses

Marketing & Communication

  • Copy writing, content & proof reading

  • Social media, graphic design, branding, podcast audio & video editing

  • Sales & customer service

  • Research & project management

Home & Lifestyle

  • Event planning & organisation

  • Online purchases & gifts

  • Travel & appointment booking

  • Ad hoc tasks

The benefits

You could have less...

  • 👎 Stress and overwhelm
  • 👎 Time spent doing tedious and time-consuming tasks
  • 👎 Jobs on your to-do list
  • 👎 Repetitive administration tasks
  • 👎 Money spent providing workspace and equipment
  • 👎 Poor customer service

And enjoy more...

  • 👍 Focus on the areas of your business that you love
  • 👍 Growth and clients
  • 👍 Productivity and profit
  • 👍 Time with family and friends
  • 👍 Peace of mind that deadlines will be met
  • 👍 Skills and support

Flexible working gives our customers more control over their budgets, resourcing and skill requirements.
Here is a simple comparison of a full time employee and an Eden Assistant:

Topic Eden Assistants Employee
Average cost per month £25 - £500+ £1000 - £2000+
Additional costs (office, computer etc.) £0 £1000+
Flexibility or cancellation Easy Difficult
Skills and experience Diverse and numerous Limited to the individual

Questions to ask yourself before hiring an assistant

  • What are my most time-consuming tasks?
  • Which tasks do I enjoy the least?
  • Which tasks do I struggle with and know someone else could do better?
  • Which of these can be delegated to someone else?
  • Which jobs am I desperate to do, but just haven’t found the time?
Eden Assistants are here to help you concentrate on what you do best and enjoy. We will help you get organised, grow and succeed, as going it alone can often be overwhelming and exhausting.

If you have any questions about how a virtual assistant can make your business or life easier, get in touch today!


"I’ve worked with Grace Robinson and the Eden Assistants team for about six months now, and they have been super. They always meet deadlines and work efficiently. I have complete faith and trust in their time-charging which showed a clear break down of the hours and days worked. I asked Grace to help me with a big project to get me to the Winter Olympic Games in 2018 as my volunteer accreditation was rejected. She did it, helping me to get to a fourth Olympics. I would really strongly recommend Grace and her team for any outsourcing you require. It is a very professional and efficient service. I also found it really useful that they communicate on Skype and Whatsapp. Thanks for all your help!"

- Timothy Allardyce, Surrey Physio

"We approached Eden Assistants to support us in recruiting new talent for our growing business. Our assistant Becca has been a good fit, with the skills and experience we needed. She has helped us in finding great people for the team and representing the company in a professional way.

Having a virtual assistant has given us piece of mind about our recruitment process. One thing we liked is that they care about getting to know our people and the company in depth. Thanks!"

- Nicolas Shulman - Founder & CEO, BlockDox

"Eden Assistants were quick to asses my needs. My assistant soon proved above and beyond expectations that she is capable of coping with any task I set her. She has done proof reading, writing website content, organising my client database and research into accounts packages. Having an assistant has allowed me to concentrate on other areas and therefore bring on more clients and grow the business. I would highly recommend Eden's services."

- Kyra McDaid, KM Interior Design Ltd